As a pure-play, all-inclusive cybersecurity providing company in North America, Softcrux Solutions joins hands with organizations and home users to plan and execute robust cybersecurity programs that are bound to protect our clients against any identified and potential threats to their devices, network, and data security.


While extensive popularity brings Windows computers under more malicious threats than their Apple counterparts, Macs are also prone to cyber attacks. The truth is modern businesses (regardless of type) need PCs and laptops, and these devices need complete protection against prying eyes and damaging intents. Our professionals work through the planned methodology to assess vulnerabilities posing threats to your devices, build personalized tools dedicated solely to your unique needs, and run security programs to keep your computers free from any unauthorized access from the internet.


Uncompromised network security gains vitality, especially due to the escalating cyber attacks and threats over the internet through various means. We have a full-fledged, dedicated team working solely and untiringly to provide robust, dependable, and cost-effective network security services by the use of advanced access control, antimalware, app and mobile device security, email security and encryption, firewall protection, intrusion prevention, data protection, wireless network security, and many other preventive and defensive measures.


We tie up with some of the leading antimalware protection providers across the world to ensure your devices and sensitive information always remain safe and secure. Regardless of popular belief, fewer people are actually familiar with how the concept of malware works over the network and devices. Viruses, spyware, ransomware, worms, and Trojans are some of the most common examples of malicious software that we, at Softcrux Solutions, have achieved prowess to beat up by using real-time malware blocking techniques and removal software.


Our voluminous research has inspired us to make available unsurpassable solutions for tackling every huge to the tiny element that can pose threat to your devices and data through mobile applications and software, no matter you have bought it, downloaded for free, or your IT team has developed it. Every passing day can bring bugs, loopholes, and vulnerabilities to the app you’re using, which in turn only harms what needs to be protected. We can proudly claim a happy client database full of successful security apps and devices.


Emails are one of the most common gateways to device and information security compromises, providing a straight-forward path to hackers and other people with malicious intent to enter into your private and confidential domain. Most frequently, scammers are spotted using phishing as a way to trick users to give their confidential information such as account numbers and passwords. We flaunt a team that’s purely committed to guiding our clients step-by-step on how to keep such risk-posing elements off their devices by effective email encryption.


The cyber universe has grown immensely complex this past decade and only advanced firewall protection can cut through these intricacies in an easy fashion. By leveraging our partnership with some of the topmost cybersecurity software manufacturers, we plan and run robust security programs to put up a barrier between your internal network and any unwanted external network. We provide firewall security for both hardware and software types to block any illegal or untrusted activity, URL, content, and element on the internet.


Modern networking devices have gone wireless in recent years and this paved the way for threatening elements to spread malicious and harmful content over multiple devices at once. Housing a passionate and hardworking team purely specialized in wireless security and customer support; we have gained an immaculate benchmark in networking solutions in a pretty short span of time. We make sure any kind of web-based threats are detected and controlled directly on the router or cable modem level so that businesses don’t have to worry about each and every device connected with the network.