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Doozy Diary is the perfect way to capture and save your private, confidential, and heartfelt memories without worrying. Keep them with you for life!

Ads Blocker Pro

Surf the web the way you want without facing hassle of annoying ads. Ads Blocker Pro lets you have an ad-free surfing experience

Bell the Cat

Hey friends! We have a task for you! Can you bell a little but very-clever Cat? Mission is to make a circle around our darling cat.


It brings the power of short links to your fingertips. Short links look smart & work better.

Fab Fit

Doing workout will make you feel healthier, energetic, stronger, as well as help you control weight. Fab Fit helps you exercise anytime and stay fit.

Save the Planet

Always wanted to be a hero? You have a task in hand to save your lovely planet form the freaky force of aliens meanwhile improving your typing skills.

Epic Sudoku

Here comes a brainy game for those who love to try their skills. So prove your might if you can in this wonderful Epic Sudoku game.

Tic Tic Toe

Enjoy the legend of Tic Tic Toe in an all-new and revamped avatar. This interesting iOS Naught vs Crosses game will blow your mind with dynamic color

Whop Up

A very exciting game challenge is waiting for you! The aim is to control the movement of a ball from one ring to another that is going higher

Yo Dots & Boxes

Play the classic pen and paper game on your phone or online. Link the dots and close as many boxes as you can!

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