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Softcrux Client Services Portfolio

Network Security

The growing universe of cyber threats can hardly bother now as Softcrux Solutions offers end-to-end measures to resolve network security concerns and block malicious elements once and for all.

WiFi Devices Support

To block exploits and threats from taking hold of your WiFi network, our professionals run stringent security measures on the network level like data encryption and password protection.

User Privacy

We take personal privacy over the internet most seriously and provide powerful and permanent techniques and products to maintain confidential privacy and data protection to our clients.

Router Support

Need help with configuring or troubleshooting your Wi-Fi routers? From router firmware updates and DNS optimization to Wi-Fi security assessment, we’re on!

Printer Setup

Softcrux provides 24x7 dedicated assistance to set up, configure, troubleshoot or migrate almost any printing or print-scan-copy device for home and businesses.

Email Client Support

Need help with creating an email account? Or perhaps you might be having a tough time configuring your webmail on an email client like Outlook! Call us now.

Smart & Connected Devices

Having issues with your connected devices, personal assistants or wearables? Call us now for instant resolution of all connectivity, configuration or application issues.

Antivirus Support

Viruses will hardly ever stop bothering us. Fortunately, Softcrux has a failsafe solution to all malware, rootkit, spyware, identity theft, key loggers, and other security concerns.

Windows Support

Windows not running right? No matter what the problem is, our IT support experts are just a call away to assist you with an assured, immediate first-call resolution.


Our sales reps facilitate larger profits by convincing your customers to add additional warranties and features to their purchase or to upgrade to a more expensive model of it.


We identify customer signals and use them to sell additional products and services, which may not be related to their original purchase, to boost revenue-per-client.


Softcrux is the only middleman you’ll ever need to resell the products and services you’ve purchased, ensuring maximum profit margin over your actual buying price.

How Our IT Support Works

Connect With Our IT Specialist

You can contact one of our support specialists anytime via call, chat, or email.

Get Your Problem Diagnosed

A few questions or a free, secure remote access session is all it takes to identify the issue.

Purchase Solution

Make a small payment to get your issues resolved instantly. We accept all major credit cards.

Sit Back and Relax

Our support specialists will work on your device and network to resolve your issue ASAP. You can watch the progress in real-time.

Why Trust Softcrux

Trusted by Start-ups, Agencies and Enterprises!

Certified Professionals Onboard

Softcrux is a team of 100+ certified support specialists with subject matter expertise in their respective technical domains.

Add-on Dedicated Guidance

In addition to resolving the queries, our experts provide useful guidance on how to make the most of the network, device, and software in concern.

99% First-Call Resolution

Softcrux has the confidence to assure 99% first-call resolution of all major issues relating to cybersecurity, hardware, and Windows.